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Back 40 is a 3-man hip-hop group consisting of Kente', Mac, & Jizzle. Their unique blend of intricate lyrics, creative harmonies, and catchy hooks allow them to stand out from other artists.

Created in 2008, Back 40 quickly became a movement, rather than just a rap group. The name originated from them drinking 40oz.'s together in the back woods of West Michigan, and has now developed into the idea of giving back to the devoted fans. Not only to the fans of Back 40, but of hip-hop in general. Proving that real music still exists, they pride themselves on not rapping about killing, selling dope, and other "stereo-typical" things they don't do. Their music speaks for itself, and is sure to impress. Back 40 BITCH!

Kente' - Artist

As the captain of the ship "Back 40", Kente' is the glue that holds everything together. Combining his one-of-a-kind wordplay with extreme confidence & swag, he has become a prominent force in today's hip-hop scene. Having an ear for perfecting his sound in the studio is truly one of his biggest attributes to the game.

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Mac - Artist

As the spark that ignites every track he's on, Mac brings the rawness & refreshing edge to Back 40 every time he steps on stage or enters the booth. His quick rhyme schemes and a far from ordinary sound provide the team with counter-balance to the melodies from Jizzle.

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Jizzle - Artist

As the soulful voice that carries the harmonic aspect of Back 40, Jizzle shows true passion with each verse. He can rap just as well as he sings, making him a very universal artist. His flow is the third & final key ingredient to Back 40's overall sound.

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