Our Story, in a nutshell

Thorough Bread Ent. was originally founded in 2007, assuming it's original name "Block Money Ent". After the birth of founder Street Legal's first daughter, Street decided it was time to make some drastic lifestyle changes to give his daughter the environment he wished for as a child. With his everyday life becoming a bit more of 'the norm', he followed a similar approach with his music. As the name "block money" was no longer geared to the lifestyle he was striving for, he began to rebuild the label from the ground up. In 2011, Street officially launched Thorough Bread Ent., and has pushed it to quickly become a viable contender in the world of independant music.


When asked about his inspiration behind TBE, he said "I wanted to show the hustlers of the world that you can continue to grind as you grow & mature, and you can do so in a way that doesn't compromise your family".



Since it's launch, Thorough Bread Ent. has broadened it's horizons and signed artists from all different backgrounds. Working with artists of all genres & helping them navigate the challenges of the music business, TBE makes it their mission to honor REAL Hip-Hop and bring good music back to the people, no matter what walk of life they're from.

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