Back 40 - Group

Kente' - Artist

Possessing an impressive knack for combining words and rhyme schemes to fit anything his ink pen touches, Kente' has often been hailed as the wordsmith of Back 40. He effortlessly pens lyrics that often fly over the heads of fans who aren't "hiphop heads", yet delivers them in a way that makes even the most casual listeners want to give him another spin. Combine that with a meticulous ear in the studio and tremendous respect for the pioneers of the rap game, and you have a very well rounded lyricist to help steer Back 40 to greatness.

Jizzle - Artist

Thorough Bread Ent, Thorough, Bread, Hiphop, Back 40, Hiphopalypse, Jizzle

As the soulful voice that carries the harmonic aspect of Back 40, Jizzle shows true passion whenever he touches a microphone. His energy matched by his smooth delivery leaves fans going crazy for the next song. But his talents don't stop at singing....this well-rounded double threat's pen game can rival any MC in the game. As the perfect compliment to Kente', these 2 legends-in-the-making mix together to create one very potent brand of hip-hop.