Kswizz - Artist


Kswizz brings a unique, often rough around the edges, yet harmonically pleasing sound to the Thorough Bread Ent. roster. Swizzle, as he's often called by friends & family alike, had the upbringing you commonly see amongst hiphop artists....the broken home environment that seems to breed the hunger needed to thrive in the music industry.

With mom living in the country and dad living in the city, Swizz was able to get the best of both worlds to make him a well rounded threat. From a young age he placed himself in the school choir and jumped at any other music class or opportunity that arose. By age 12 he was writing his own music & developing his skillset. Swizz would put his music dreams on hold at age 16 though as he ran away from home, ultimately turning to a life of gang banging & selling drugs.

Fast forward a few years, the former gang member & new father is now a reformed man. Dedicating his life to his children & pursuing his music career, Kswizz has been through enough fire to fuel his verses for a long time to come. Now honing in his unique & catchy flow, mixing in harmonies and even elements of R&B,  this non-fiction story teller is poised to replenish the genre of the creativity it's been lacking.