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Christopher "Sterpher" Griffin is an urban rapper born & raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Born during the 'golden era' of hip-hop and being raised by his mother, a huge fan herself, Sterpher had an early introduction to music that would ultimately change his life course. He began to make music at the age of 10 as a hobby, and by 11 wrote his 1st song titled “Nightmare”. Family & friends knew Chris as a funny & laid back kid, but that all changed when he turned 16 years old and unveiled his largely unknown musical talent through performance opportunities. By age 24, that inspired young performer had evolved into a notable artist making serious waves in the local & regional music scene .

“I know I’m very talented at what I do, not to sound cocky, but the real reason I keep it going is for my cousin who’s been in prison since 2008. I know he would’ve had his foot on the gas like me, if not even harder”.

With Sterpher and his label (O.I.C.) now being part of the Thorough Bread roster, TBE is looking to push him to the next level. Packing the lyrical ability to be respected by hip-hop purists, matched with the sounds & flow of today's top artists, Sterpher's ceiling is essentially non-existent. Ride along with him & be part of his journey to the top of the charts!